You push yourself and work hard to up your game in life.

Shouldn’t your Registered Massage Therapist also match your athleticism and commitment? You need someone who is strong and capable enough to give you a strong deep tissue treatment.


Super Muscle Therapy is my unique answer to you. Combining all the best techniques out there, I have developed my own tailored approach that will help your muscles become ‘Super Muscle’ supple and loose, thereby aiding in your body’s recovery more quickly and efficiently. 

Are your muscles constantly strained and tired? Do you feel that regular massage therapy doesn’t go deep enough to provide you with lasting relief? I go beyond simply having the knowledge of a good Registered Massage Therapist. With my strength, passion and personal fitness background, my treatments are far more effective because I accurately target deeper into your tissues and get the job done. 

With Super Muscle Therapy, I go that extra mile, deeper in the right way. The result? Both your body and mind will have that competitive edge, so you can win at whatever you’re doing.

My upfront, cut-to-the-chase assessments determine exactly what your body needs. But I also take the time and care to explain what areas need focus and how I can develop a strategy for safely and quickly improving your physical condition while inspiring you to reconnect with your body.

Get ready for a one-of-a-kind treatment that provides noticeable results, allowing you to manage your pain effectively . With Super Muscle Therapy, I always aim for perfect efficiency in treatment, so you don't waste your time and energy.