Over the course of three years I sustained injuries from 3 different motor vehicle accidents. When I wasn’t progressing to pre accident condition I started to search for a therapist who could read my body and address the existing concerns.

Finding Connor was a total game changer for me. He is intuitive, result driven and has an arsenal of skills that prove to be deeply healing. In a city full of therapists, Connor’s treatments stand out like a trumpet in the middle of a lullaby. I cannot recommend him enough.

— Christine Brooks
Connor is a phenom. He has his own style, probably not like anything else you’re ever experienced. When the session over, you kind of feel taken apart and put back together again.You feel his strength, positive energy, focus and power – most of all, he is unrelenting in wanting you to heal, stay in shape and be active. He has great training and amazing intuition. He always seems to know just what technique will work. If you do some myofascial stretching with Connor, you’ll ask yourself why you’ve never had anything like this before. Not sure anyone in the lower Mainland can work deeper than Connor. If you want it deep, he’s your guy. But you have to work with him, really focus your breathing into where he’s working. If you haven’t done this, he can teach you, and you won’t believe the magic. This is not a passive treatment – this is a serious physical interactive massage. You don’t lie on a table and get kneaded or pummeled. Connor makes you work, and when it’s over, you’re really glad he does. If you like to ski, definitely see Connor before you hit the slopes! You won’t believe how loose you ski if Connor works your legs and core first. Plus muscle recovery is faster – don’t ask me why but it’s real. I’m sure that’s true for lots of other sports. Tell him what sport you’re into, and he just knows where to go and what you need. I’ve been seeing Connor for 3 years and feel incredibly lucky I found him!
— Jared Hobbs
Connor is very intuitive and creative massage therapist who is obviously very dedicated to his craft.

Connor has demonstrated a desire to expand his knowledge in order to have access to as many tools and techniques to optimize your recovery process. He does not dance around the problem but narrows down the issues then focus on accelerating your recovery to the limits of your abilities. I have had 3 issues that I have come to Connor with and he has been instrumental in identifying the issues and pushing my limits to resolve the problem as efficiently as possible.
— Kevin Healy
I have been seeing Connor for a year. He is an amazing massage therapist. I have seen countless massage therapists, physiotherapists, and osteopaths. No one has been able to help me like Connor.

His knowledge of how the musculoskeletal system works is impressive. 
I have chronic neck and shoulder pain. I also suffer from headaches due to this problem. Connor puts so much effort into helping me. 
I still have to work at a job that causes me pain. Connor makes it possible to continue with my profession as an ultrasound technologist.

I highly recommend him, as he is the best therapist I have ever seen.
— Wendy Robinson
As a former amateur Muay Thai fighter and lifetime athlete. It takes more than ‘massage’ to keep me functioning at a competitive level. Connor is more than an RMT, his knowledge base of the athlete and muscle function and release keeps me functioning at a high level now at CrossFit. Every session is tailored exactly to my needs by either massage, deep stretching or muscle release. If you are an athlete Connor is definitely who you need!
— Tonya Stephan
Connor does transformational work. He is remarkably versatile, from deep sports work and stretching to intense fascial work, depending on what you need or want. You can tell him where to focus or leave it up to him. His phenomenal intuition pays off every time. He is one of the most creative therapists — never repetitive or boring, and the body responds. If you’re used to really deep work, you won’t find any better. If you’re not, you will be amazed at how different it feels and how it long it lasts.
— Stewart W